Saturday, November 10, 2007

Walking by faith

I heard a great question from the Christian Radio during my lunch.

"What area of my life do I need to walk in faith today?"


I surveyed the 6 war zones:

  1. Family
  2. Job
  3. Money
  4. Health
  5. Tools
  6. Food


Then I rephrased the question: "What is the most challenging area of my life today?"

At first, I thought the clear answer was job. Then I considered the answer closely. I am self-employed in 3 areas I consider myself competent and enjoy. These 3 areas of my endeavor are:

  • JSP
  • CLI
  • SFJ


If I say that I am challenged in these businesses, does that not imply incompetency? After considering the question more deeply, I settled for the 2 interrelated areas of job and money. How do I walk in faith in these 2 areas?

Think of the October 07 gift: "God is the source of all inspiration and power." He is the source of all inspiration for job as well as money. All the good things I have done in my life has come from God's inspiration and power. I have recognized and articulated this truth as early as 1982. I therefore resolved to trust God today to inspire me. I remember too that God is a good communicator. He not only inspires but provides the power to act on his inspiration.

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