Saturday, December 22, 2007

Remember your mercies

"Remember your mercies, Lord, your tenderness from ages past. Do not let our enemies triumph over us; O God, deliver Israel from all her distress." (Psalm 25: 6, 3, 22)

God's mercies and tenderness from ages past extend from age to age to those who fear him. The Bible is a record of God's faithful mercies and tenderness towards man from age to age.

We pray to God daily not to allow our enemies triumph over us because our enemies are constantly alert and prowling around seeking for whom to devour. Today is the day of favor. It is also the day of battle with the enemy. The Bible is also a record of man's struggle with the enemy of mankind. Our success or failure in life depends on our trust in God and his word.

Finally, we pray to God to deliver Israel from all her distress. The Church is the new Israel. The distress of Israel/Church is the distress caused by her own sins and the sins of the world.

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