Monday, September 03, 2018

Why is His word so powerful?

“What is there about his word?" (Luke 4: 36).

The surprised people of Capernaum asked after Jesus cast out an evil spirit with one word. The answer to their question is simple.  What is there about the word of Jesus? It is the word of God. God is inside His word.

Who else felt the power of this word?
"The centurion replied, "Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof. But just say the word, and my servant will be healed."  (Matthew 8: 8).

Have you ever asked Jesus to say one word and heal any area of your life?

"For with authority and power he commands the unclean spirits, and they come out.”  (Luke 4: 36).

A father has authority over his children.  He exercises this authority through his words. Does the word of God have authority over you?

"Martha had a sister named Mary. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to all He said."  (Luke 10: 39). Mary wanted the words of Jesus to have authority over her. So she listened attentively to every word of Jesus.  (Cf Luke 4: 32).
You can do the same.

One of the most creative words in the Bible is Mercy. The word "mercy" occurs 276 times in the Bible. This is a magic word that the Heart of God cannot resist. Everyone that approaches Jesus in the Gospel and pleads for mercy receives mercy instantly.  Listen to the number of times "mercy" is used in Holy Mass.  We hit God at His softest spot.  How many times do you use mercy in your prayers?

Including the very words of God makes our prayers more effective.

"Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I cry to you all the day long.
O Lord, you are good and forgiving,
full of mercy to all who call to you." (Psalm 86: 3,5).

"The LORD is gracious and merciful,
slow to anger and of great kindness.
The LORD is good to all and compassionate toward all his works."  (Psalm 145: 8 - 9).

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us and the whole world.

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