Monday, April 08, 2019

Moses interceded for the people and the Lord had mercy on them.

"We have sinned by speaking against the Lord and against you. Intercede for us with the Lord to save us from these serpents.’ Moses interceded for the people, and the Lord answered him." (Numbers 21: 7 - 8).

When the people got frosty in their attitude on the way to the Promised Land, they took it out on God and Moses. The punishment was swift and deadly. Quickly repenting of their sin, they begged Moses to intercede for them. Moses interceded for them. Those of them who repented and became obedient were healed.

Prayer is a key component of most religious traditions. We have seen that throughout Sacred Scripture, Intercessory prayers are conditio sine qua non of a living faith. The prophets and priests owe their continued relevance to this necessity. Jesus Christ is our able High Priest who intercedes for us day and night at the Father's right hand. The Blessed Virgin Mary owes her exalted position in Heaven as Queen and Mother to her Intercessory prowess. A giant Prayer Warrior. Saints in Heaven pray for us all the time. Our Guardian Angels and the Archangels protect us and intercede for us.

Where is the Prayer of Intercession in your spirituality? Who do you intercede for and how much time do you devote to interceding for your loved ones who have passed into eternity? Remember the Four Last Things: Death and Judgment, Heaven and Hell. Many souls destined for Heaven will of necessity need purification. The Church calls this stage and process Purgatory.

"When I am lifted up from the earth,I will draw all to myself, says the Lord." (John 12: 32).

"Praise to you, O Christ, king of eternal glory!
The seed is the word of God, Christ the sower;whoever finds this seed will remain for ever.
Praise to you, O Christ, king of eternal glory!" (Gospel Acclamation).

"O God, who choose to show mercy not angerto those who hope in you,grant that your faithful may weep, as they should,for the evil they have done,and so merit the grace of your consolation.Through Christ our Lord." (Prayer Over the People).

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