Monday, September 23, 2019

Discovering the great pearl of hearing the word of God and keeping it.

"Happy are those who hear the word of God and keep it." (Luke 11: 28)

Tuesday of the 25th week in Ordinary Time. If you know with absolute certitude that hearing the word of God and keeping it will bring you the happiness and peace you yearn for, what will you do?

I will invest my last penny to find out how to do this. Jesus told a parable of a man who searched for a pearl of great value. He found it but discovered that to possess it, he must sell all that he has. He weighed the benefits and the cost and decided to go for the Great Pearl.

The word of God is the Pearl of Great Price. Since the time of Jesus, men and women have recognized the matchless value of the word of God and gave all they had to possess this treasure. They were not disappointed. This is why the Church points to this cloud of witnesses as its treasure and evidence that Christianity works. The enemies of Christianity will be hard pressed to find a reason why so many of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth have given up everything even life to follow Him.

“My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and act on it.” (Luke 8: 21).

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