Friday, February 28, 2020

Step by step guidance better than the GPS.

"The Lord will guide you always." (Isaiah 58: 11).

Saturday, 29th February, Saturday after Ash Wednesday.

Brethren, you know without doubt that the Bible is God's precious manual for our life. Will you carelessly discard the manual of an expensive computer software or How to use booklet of a medical equipment on which your life depends? Every single day, the Church celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Perfect Sacrifice. The Church uses the same Scriptures inspired by the Holy Spirit organized in a lectionary everywhere in the world.

What I am about to reveal to you may not be a secret for many. During the holy Season of Lent, the Church pulls out the best and the most powerful Scriptures for our consumption. This is because God Himself promises that Lent is the favorable Season to bless us.

Before the era of GPS navigation, being a roaming salesman in a large city was a very challenging task. But I discovered God's promise: "The Lord will guide you always." (Isaiah 58: 11). Things changed for me. All I needed to activate this promise was a short prayer: "My God, I can't find my way to the client's place. I need this sale desperately. Please help me O God." Again and again, the Lord led me like the three magis to where I needed to be.

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