Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Trust the Dream-fixer to fix any broken dreams.

"We were hoping that he would be the one to redeem Israel." (Luke 24: 21).

Wednesday 15th April 2020, Wednesday in the Octave of the Solemnity of Easter.

Have you ever lost hope in a certain and expected outcome? Maybe something as mundane as the result of a football or soccer tournament? Maybe a job or promotion you were absolutely certain was in the bag?
Then you know how painful a dashed hope could be. We have seen on television matured men and their wives and supporters crying profusely because they lost an election they believed was theirs.

Crushed dreams and hopes are very painful. The disciples of Jesus lost hope after His body was lowered into the grave and the entrance sealed with a Roman imperial wax. He is dead. Any hope of miracle is dashed to pieces.

Now that the dream of the Kingdom and a new way of life has been shattered, Cleopas and his companion decided to go home and look for a real job. Enters the Dream-fixer:  “Oh, how foolish you are! How slow of heart to believe all that the prophets spoke!  Was it not necessary that the Messiah should suffer these things and enter into his glory?” (Luke 24: 25 - 26).

Once upon a time, I had a big dream. In a matter of days, one brutal event after the other happened to snuff out the dream. I was heart broken. Like Hezekiah pleading for his life, I turned to Abba Father at 5 am in the morning, weeping and asking why this must happen. Abba Father spoke one word that gave me hope. In 48 hours, I was on the way to a new dream. The Dream-fixer fixed my dream with something much better.

“Was not my heart burning within me while He spoke to me on the way and opened the scriptures to me?”

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