Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Who do you serve? God or Baal?

"If the Lord is God, follow him; if Baal, follow him.” (1 Kings 18: 21).

Wednesday 10th June 2020, 10th Week in Ordinary Time.

The apostate people of Israel had gathered with their leader, the apostate-in-chief King Ahab for a face off between the Prophet Elijah and the 400 plus prophets of Baal. Elijah threw the challenge to the people and their king: If Yahweh is God, follow Him. If Caesar is God, follow him. You must choose today whom you must serve. As for me and my household, we must serve the Lord. "The God who answers with fire is God.” (1 Kings 18: 24).

We know that only one God can answer with fire. We know how it fares with the gods of this world. Just a few months ago, Dubai was the center of attraction for investments of all sorts, technology magnets, tourism, night life and all illicit pleasures. The pandemics have changed everything and thrown a stable country into a wild spin.

Do you court other gods? You will only multiply your sorrows.
As for me, the Lord is my allotted portion and cup. He is my Prize. All that belongs to me is safe in His hands.

"Stockpile heavenly treasures for yourselves that cannot be stolen and will never rust, decay, or lose their value." (Matthew 6: 20 TPT).

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