Sunday, February 17, 2019

Why are you full of doubts?

“Why does this generation seek a sign?” (Mark 8: 12).

Why was Jesus sad that the people of His generation were still asking for a sign? They did not believe that Jesus is the Messiah or the Son of God. Jesus is the Way they must walk to eternal life. He is the Truth everyone must believe. He is the Life that begins here and meshes to eternal life. Yet this truth appeared absurd to His contemporaries and to many today.

The evidence for the claims of Jesus is manifest to all people of good will. Jesus gave us the Beatitudes which together is the way, the life and truth of Jesus. He founded the Church which is the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth. He gave the Church the Sacraments, the inspiration and power for the Journey to eternal life. He performs many miracles which can not be denied or wished away. Ultimately, He was crucified, died and was buried. Then He performed the greatest miracle: His Resurrection.

Do you still not understand? Why are you full of doubts? Stop doubting and believe!

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