Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I will test them to see if they will obey Me.

"Here in the wilderness the whole Israelite community grumbled against Moses and Aaron." (Exodus 16: 2).

Wednesday of the 16th week in Ordinary Time. Thank You O Lord for Your lesson to us today from Exodus 16. First, we learn that the Desert is the place for testing. God's intention in testing us is not to crush us. Rather, God is pruning us so that that we can produce more fruits.

"The Israelites said to them [Moses and Aaron], “If only we had died at the Lord’s hand in the land of Egypt, as we sat by our kettles of meat and ate our fill of bread! But you have led us into this wilderness to make this whole assembly die of famine!” (Exodus 16: 3).

Notice the cause of the complaint: Food. God may choose to test us in any of the 7-War Zones: Health, Family, Finances, Job, Possessions, Future.

In response to their childish complaints, God says: : "I am going to rain down bread from heaven for you." (Exodus 16: 4).

Here too, God attached a little test to see if the people will obey Him.
"Each day the people are to go out and gather their daily portion; thus will I test them, to see whether they follow my instructions or not.  On the sixth day, however, when they prepare what they bring in, let it be twice as much as they gather on the other days." (Exodus 16: 4 - 5).

Do you recognize from above the principle of the Sabbath Rest? Not everyone in the camp obeyed this benevolent order.

When will our testing come? In what area? Our life as  Christians demands continually vigilant watch and prayer so that when and where and what area the test comes, we will be ready.

"In their heart they put God to the test by demanding the food they craved. They even spoke against God. They said: ‘Is it possible for God to prepare a table in the desert?’" (Psalm 78: 18 - 19).

O that today, we would listen to the voice of our Good Shepherd.

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