Thursday, March 12, 2020

Here comes the master dreamer!


"They said to one another: “Here comes that dreamer!  Come now, let us kill him and.... We will see then what comes of his dreams.” (Genesis 37: 19-20).

Friday 13th March 2020, of 2nd week of Lent. The first Reading from Genesis and the Gospel from Matthew serve us with intrigues, plots and murder. Any surprises? None. Especially when we remember that Cain committed the first murder in the Bible when he killed his brother Abel.

The Scriptures from Genesis and the Gospel end well. God writes straight lines with crooked lines.
"The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; by the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes"?

God’s loving and powerful providence is always acting in disguise. All is well. All things are well. All manner of things are well, says the mystic, Julian of Norwich.

Trust in Divine Providence forever.

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