Monday, April 27, 2020

I am the Bread of life. 2

"Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst." (John 6: 35).

Tuesday 28th April 2020, 3rd Week in the Easter Season is also the feast days of two French saints: St Louis Marie de Montfort (1673 - 1716), Priest and founder of religious order. St Peter Chanel, Priest and Martyr.

St Louis Marie is known in history from the best seller charismatic book he wrote: TRUE DEVOTION TO MARY. This book has been read by millions since publication over 250 years ago. Important people that have read the book included several Popes and saints. Pope St John Paul II has quoted from it. The book may deceptively appear light weight but the content must be anointed, which explains its longevity. I owe this book three favors I still enjoy today since reading it about 25 years ago: Commitment to daily Rosary, deeper devotion to Mary and making St Louis Marie de Montfort one of my patron saints.

St Peter Chanel died a martyr in the island of Futuna in the Oceania.

In the Gospel of today, Jesus continues the Bread of life Discourse. Today, Jesus stated a truth that committed Christians will testify to. The Eucharist effectively kills desires for material things: more money, bigger homes, flashy cars, upscale neighborhoods, etc.
If you receive the Eucharist regularly in the state of grace and this worldly desires are still part of your struggle, something is wrong.

I read St Louis de Montfort TRUE DEVOTION TO MARY over 10 times. He stated: "You cannot say the Rosary daily and continue sinning. Either you quit the Rosary or you quit sinning."
The same can be said about the Eucharist. Be steadfast with the Eucharist and No hunger or thirst for lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes or pride of life will torture you. This is the promise of Salvation. These are the evils we are saved through the Cross.

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