Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Eucharist is Jesus.

"I am the bread of life...... I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.” (Cf John 6: 48 - 51).

Thursday 30th April 2020, 3rd Week in the Easter Season is also the feast of St Pius V, Pope, Dominican Priest (1504 - 1572). He implemented the decrees of the Council of Trent, published the Roman Catechism and revised the Missal and Breviary.

We return to the Bread of life Discourse in Chapter 6 of the Gospel of John. Today eternal life is promised to those who partake of the Bread of life with faith and integrity.

In the Eucharist, Jesus is our Priest. He is the Victim who is sacrificed for our sins. He invites us to consume Him as food and drink. This teaching was so radical that many of Jesus disciples abandoned Him and went home. But Jesus did not water down the teaching. Instead Jesus asked the remaining disciples: "Will you also go away?"

The Eucharist is Jesus, Emmanuel. God is with us, in this sacrament. He invites us to come receive Him and adore Him. For He is truly Jesus, our Lord.

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