Friday, July 24, 2020

The Feast of St James, Apostle.

"As he walked by the Sea of Galilee,
Jesus saw James the son of Zebedee and John his brother
mending their nets and he called them." (Matthew 4: 18, 21).

Saturday 25th July 2020, 16th Week in Ordinary Time is the feast of St James, Apostle. James and John are sons of Zebedee, all fishermen. They left their nets and followed Jesus when He called them from their fishing occupation. Peter, James and John belong to the inner circle of the group of Apostles. They witnessed the Transfiguration and were with Jesus at Gethsemane.

Our Scripture for today evokes the theme of the Choice, the Call and the Anointing. Peter, James and John were chosen for the role they played as leading pioneers of the Christian movement before their birth. In the fullness of time, Jesus came by the shore of the Sea of Galilee and called them. They were not the most qualified but Jesus anointed them for the ministry He had for them. Like Moses, Joshua and David, this anointing qualified them.

Have you found your purpose in life? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you. Keep asking Him until you find and embrace it fully. Remember one thing: It is the Anointing that breaks the yoke of fear, worry and doubt.

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