Monday, July 01, 2013

Thank you for all your gifts

"Bless the LORD, my soul;
all my being, bless his holy name!
Bless the LORD, my soul;
and do not forget all his gifts,
Who pardons all your sins,
and heals all your ills,
Who redeems your life from the pit,
and crowns you with mercy and compassion,
Who fills your days with good things,
so your youth is renewed like the eagle’s."  (Psalm 103: 1 - 5)

Lord, today I will remember your gifts and thank and praise you for them.  I want to remember everyone of your precious gifts. I want to remember the big items and also the small gifts.  Your word asks me to remember all your gifts.

I thank you today for the Eucharist and Sanctuary service.  I thank you for the Rosarywalk when I looked up and saw the multicolored sky at the break of dawn. I thank you for the song of the birds and the couple of birds I saw early this morning.  The sky and the birds are testimony to your faithfulness according to the word of your Son, Jesus..

I thank you too for the nice breakfast; the coffee, toast and butter and cereal.  Thank you for my Samsung Galaxy that is becoming more and more my partner in ministry.  Thank you for my studio that opens to the Early Childhood School from where I enjoy pleasant view while I work.  Lord, there are just too many things to thank you and it is not yet even 10 am.  I will break for now and resume the thanks later on.

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