Friday, February 07, 2020

Solomon chose wisdom.

"Whatever you ask I shall give you."
(1 Kings 3: 5).

Saturday 8th February in the 4th Week in Ordinary Time is the feast of St Jerome Emiliani (1481 - 1537), Priest and St Josephine Bakhita (1869 - 1947). "Josephine Margaret Bakhita, F.D.C.C., was a Sudanese-Italian Canossian religious sister active in Italy for 45 years, after having been a slave in Sudan. In 2000 she was declared a saint by the Catholic Church." (Wikipedia).

God said to Solomon in a dream: "Whatever you ask I shall give you."
(1 Kings 3: 5). Solomon chose wisdom and God is very pleased.
"Because you asked for this—you did not ask for a long life for yourself, nor for riches, nor for the life of your enemies—but you asked for discernment to know what is right—  I now do as you request." (1 Kings 3: 11 - 12). God granted Solomon a very wise mind and heart and topped the gift with riches and glory.
Jesus teaches us to go for the highest gift:
"The Father in heaven [will] give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him” (Luke 11: 13). The Holy Spirit is the mother of all gifts. He is the Abundant life promised by Jesus in John 10: 10.

Like Solomon, let us take God at His word seriously and ask Him with confident and expectant faith that we may receive all that He plans to give us.

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