Saturday, February 24, 2007

Train me

"My son, do not scorn correction from the Lord, do not resent his training, for the Lord trains those he loves, and chastises every son he accepts." (Hebrews 12: 5)

This word of God transformed my desert experience in 1995. I had lost everything including my health. I kept awake at night wondering what was going on in my life. I could not see an end to my situation. Then one Sunday, I heard the above scripture proclaimed from the altar. It was addressed to me. I believed what I heard. I felt immediately peace and knew that I had an answer to all my queries to God. That Sunday afternoon, I confided in my journal what happened. It is almost 12 years since the private revelation and events since then had vindicated that the desert experience was God's greatest blessing and gift to me.

Thank you Father, for training me. I am all yours. Train me as you see fit.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Do not be afraid

"But Jesus overhead what they said and he said to the president of the synagogue, 'Do not be afraid; have faith." (Mark 5: 36)

Jairus approached Jesus believing that he could heal her daughter. Before Jesus could do that, a storm broke: Jairus' daughter died. Everything seemed lost. Jairus would have thought: "If only the Master had hurried and arrived while the child was still alive, he could have done something." Jesus knowing what Jairus was thinking, urged him not to waver in his original belief inspite of the new development.

I started the Enterprise with firm belief that this is God's will for me. Then I encountered fierce storms and saw many giants. I panicked. "O Lord I am sinking. Save me!" The Lord reached out his hand and grabbed me. He said to me: "Emmanuel, do not be afraid; only have faith. Maintain the faith which you had originally in the Enterprise. I will not fail you nor forsake you." Thank you, Jesus. These are sweet words.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Persistent Desire

"My daughter,' he said 'your faith has restored you to health; go in peace and be free from your complaint." (Mark 5: 34)

What truth is the above snippet of scripture teaching me today?

Faith that is firm is also patient, the Prophet Isaiah teaches. This woman's persistent search for health led her to all sorts of ineffective remedies. She had tried everything. At long last, she came to Jesus. Her persistent desire shows her faith. Jesus rewarded her faith with healing.

Today, I seek healing in a number of areas in my life. If I am to learn from this woman's example, I do not need to try all sorts of ineffective remedies before coming to Jesus. I need to be persistent in my desire for healing. Faith that is firm is also patient. Patient hope is never disappointed, scripture teaches.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Opposition from sinners

"Think of the way he persevered against such opposition from sinners and then you will not lose heart and come to grief." (Hebrews 12:3)

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Lent is a time for resolutions, a time to begin afresh. It is a season of grace, a season that God himself calls "a favorable time; a very acceptable time." Lent is also a time for great temptations. When we enter into the spirit of Lent, we move into the desert. The desert is a place of struggle; it is a place and time for spiritual warfare. Those who are opposed to God will oppose us. Hebrews 12:3 urges us to be steadfast in the face of "such opposition from sinners." In order not to falter, we should fix our eyes on Jesus who "persevered against such opposition from sinners." If we do not fix our eyes on Jesus, then we "will lose heart and come to grief."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wait on God

"My son, when you come to serve the LORD,

stand in justice and fear,

prepare yourself for trials.

Be sincere of heart and steadfast,

incline your ear and receive the word of understanding,

undisturbed in time of adversity.

Wait on God, with patience, cling to him, forsake him not;

thus will you be wise in all your ways.

Accept whatever befalls you,

when sorrowful, be steadfast,

and in crushing misfortune be patient;

For in fire gold and silver are tested,

and worthy people in the crucible of humiliation.

Trust God and God will help you; trust in him, and he will direct your way;

keep his fear and grow old therein.

You who fear the LORD, wait for his mercy,

turn not away lest you fall.

You who fear the LORD, trust him,

and your reward will not be lost.

You who fear the LORD, hope for good things,

for lasting joy and mercy.

You who fear the LORD, love him,

and your hearts will be enlightened.

Study the generations long past and understand;

has anyone hoped in the LORD and been disappointed?

Has anyone persevered in his commandments and been forsaken?

has anyone called upon him and been rebuffed?

Compassionate and merciful is the LORD;

he forgives sins, he saves in time of trouble

and he is a protector to all who seek him in truth."

Sirach 2: 1 - 11

Monday, February 19, 2007

Eyes fixed on Jesus

"Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection." (Hebrews 12: 12)

In the Enterprise, I fix my eyes on Jesus all the time.

I feel inspired by the example of Jesus and the saints. When I think of the joy which lay ahead, I persevere.

What joy am I presently looking forward to?

Joy of my ministry. Joy of growth in friendship and companionship with Jesus.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cloud of Witnesses

"With so many witnesses in a great cloud all around us, we too, then, should throw off everything that weighs us down and the sin that clings so closely, and with perseverance keep running in the race which lies ahead of us." (Hebrews 12:1)

Who are my witnesses and my inspirations?

  • Peter
  • Paul
  • John the Evangelist
  • Augustine
  • Ignatius Loyola
  • Francis Xavier
  • Peter Canisius
  • Louis de Monfort
  • Therese of Lisieux
  • Dominic
  • Vincent de Paul.

These and many more are my patron saints. These and million others have completed the race, proving that it can be done. Why can't I? Anthony Robbins, the motivational writer would say: Seek their strategy. Unilever PLC will put it this way: Go for the best practice.

What are the things that weigh me down? What excess baggage am I carrying here and now?

"Then there are others who receive the seed in thorns. These have heard the word, but the worries of this world, the lure of riches and all the other passions come in to choke the word, and so it produces nothing." (Mark 4: 15-20)